Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DriveExcel-UVR and Non-UV resin?

Our DriveExcel-UVR resin is an Aliphatic resin, as it is resistant to the suns UV rays it will not discolour.  Not only does it remain clear in colour it also takes longer to harden meaning more time for the installer to lay the product and makes tools easier to clean and maintain.  Most of our aggregate range will require DriveExcel-UVR resin.

Our Aromatic DriveExcel Non-UV resin is cheaper to produce and is less refined than it’s UVR counterpart.  DriveExcel Non-UV will change colour over time turning a noticable yellowish colour.  This resin can be used mainly with golden aggregates.

If you are uncertain which resin to choose for the job please do not hesitate to drop us a line.


Can I lay the resin bound system on any surface?

It is not advisable to lay resin bound aggregate on flag stones or uneven surfaces,  even though there is some flexibility in the resin over time the aggregate would start to crack and break away. It is only advised to lay resin bound aggregate on concrete or tarmac surfaces to ensure a perfect finish with very little maintenance.

Once laid on top of a suitable base the resin bound aggregate is suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic making it perfect for domestic driveways as well as busier commercial areas.


Does the resin bound aggregate comply with SUDS legislation?

Yes. The blended mix of resin and aggregate forms a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) for driveways, paths and tree pits.  This means that the whole system is completely permeable allowing any water to drain away.


How do I qualify for next day delivery?

We want to ensure that no job is left unfinished which is why we offer our next day guarantee.  To ensure next delivery all you need to do is order before 1pm the day before you require the materials. It’s really that simple!

Please note that next day delivery is not available on Saturday or Sunday.


Can I get samples of the resin bound aggregate?

Yes. We will happliy provide a free sample of any of our pre-blended mixed aggregate for you or your customer.  If you need something a little more in-depth you can purchase a complete sample pack through our online store which contains all of our colour blend samples and comes in a tough durable case.

If you would like a free sample please get in touch and let us know which blend you require.


Do you offer training or support?

Yes.  If you are a complete newcomer to the trade or already a trade professional wanting to learn more about the resin bound system then we offer a comprehensive training course covering everything from how to effectively measure and price to ensuring a high quality finish to every installation.

For further information on our courses please complete the “contact ” form or alternatively contact us directly by email, phone or visit the office.